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SWAG Oxygen Announces Exciting Release of Portable Oxygen Canister, Ideal for Boosting Positive Feelings, Energy and Recovery

Finding a safe way to boost mood, energy and performance is close to many people's minds.  SWAG oxygen is answering the call, recently launching their SWAG oxygen portable oxygen containers, which makes taking in supplemental oxygen simple and easy – something which has been proven to deliver a long list of eye opening benefits.
Miami, Florida, January 25, 2017
Experts agree that having access to pure, high quality oxygen can be a huge benefit in a wide range of situations.  The only problem has been portable oxygen products have been priced and sized poorly for personal use.  SWAG oxygen recently stepped up to solve this problem announcing the launch of their SWAG oxygen portable oxygen canister, the largest and best priced portable oxygen product on the market today – expertly designed to boost performance in a safe, healthy, and effective way. oxygen in a can
“There's no argument about what being able to have access to high quality oxygen can deliver when it comes to performance enhancement,” commented a spokesperson from SWAG oxygen.  “What we've done is finally made it accessible by making it available in the correct size and at a price where normal people can easily enjoy its benefits.”
According to the company, SWAG oxygen comes in an affordable 32 ounce canister that contains 12 liters of 95% pure oxygen. Taking just a few deep breaths of supplemental oxygen has been shown to brighten mood, boost energy, reduce recovery time from exercise, help confidence, breathe easier in high altitude, and even fight off the effects of a hangover.
For a limited time only, SWAG oxygen is offering a free SWAG oxygen canister to first time customers in the lower 48 states, with customers only having to cover postage.
Early feedback for the product has been remarkably positive.
Christine C., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “I can't believe how much use I get out of SWAG oxygen.  It gives me the boost I need before my CrossFit classes, an extra boost of energy and confidence before work and even helps me feel better after one of my many busy days.  It's an important part of my daily routine.  Fully recommended.”
For more information be sure to visit
SWAG Oxygen

Post by oxygencan6 (2017-02-20 13:26)

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